Viva La Moustache!

Here is my submission to the Threadless Movember competition. Click. It’s my first ever submission so fingers crossed and maybe the impossible will happen and it will get printed. Help me out, give me high scores and ting, I will repay you with my eternal love and gratitude. The design has now been approved and is up for scoring.

The idea came from communist propaganda posters from the Soviet Union, North Korea and Cuba in part because all the famous Communists seem to have a very prominant ‘tash. Well, all except the oriental ones (neither Mao Tse-tung or Kim Jong Il chose to embrace this symbol of wisdom and dominance). These posters convey a strong sense of comradare , triumph and power, sentiments which are reflected in the moustaches of men everywhere.

It could be said that this is a hollow and souless parody of an iconic and meaningful part of graphic history. Well whatever. It is what it is, now stop complaining.

Previously I made a box man thing out of card and elastic bands and this served as the base for the characters in the poster. Here he is! The edges are a little rough on this one but I plan to make another out of thicker card and maybe fix a light switch in the back that turns on LEDs to make a face, kinda like Tengu.


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