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China misc.

Posted in China ting on May 30, 2010 by gogoalexgo

The first one, like love only not as intense. On a mug. The rest are a bunch of shirts, jumpers bags etc. produced with less than perfect English – I literally laughed out loud when I saw some of theese in the markets.


China – Signs!

Posted in China ting on May 27, 2010 by gogoalexgo

After much delay here is my post about my trip to Beijing. Since this blog is supposed to be a quasi-academic blog I will try and keep the focus on art/design based elements of my trip rather than what we did on a day by day basis.

First up are a some photos dealing with signage. Try not to get too excited about signs I know it is a pretty emotional subject for a lot of people but I would hate for anyone to pass out from the sheer anticipation and hurt themselves.
Here is a sign directed at anyone who might be thinking of burning down the park. Just don’t do it guys. No Burning ’round these parts.

Public toilet sign – pretty standard affair. Icons denoting male and female toilets are the same as here, WOW.

Don’t use cellphones when driving or your neck will break and  guys will throw darts at you. Not a joke thats how man roll in China.

And finally, this sign that is on escalators. It says ‘mind your head’ or something to that effect. Dunno what the picture is supposed to be . . . it made me laughclaaaart.

From a karaoke bar. Somehow I don’t want to take this policeman seriously. However he will have you excecuted if he finds you doing any of these things (probably not true).