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Absolut Sick

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Digital Media production viral video.


Front cover

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Possible front cover – work in progress. I might try and make the text at the bottom look more distressed to fit with teh rest of the image.


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Back cover. Look the roots are an eye shape!

I think the back looks like it needs some more work but this is a fairly rough version. Also, it looks quite  ampty becasue it has no text, this is because I have not been given the track listings yet. Below are some posssible inside pages with no text at the moment. Click on the images to enlarge.

Magazine Article

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I made an experiment that has the whole article set in a font called Marlet. I did this becasue I was sick of making endless tweaks to my real layout and it was driving me crazy. It’s not even really a font it is just a collection of shapes . . . it looks funny. I’m not really sure if this is allowed because the reader would actually have no idea what the article was about, infact I don’t think they would be aware that they were looking at an article at all, it’s merely a selection of shapes. It breaks the constraining boundries of legibility and pisses all over it before setting it on fire, freeing the reader to see exactly what they do or do not want to see in this article.

In your face Beatrice Warde.

P.S. I’m sure Beatrice Warde was a very clever person with some very good ideas, but I just HATE ‘The Crystal Goblet, or Printing Should Be Invisible’.

The Birth of corruption

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Different roots with closed eye – the eye of providence is now blind as corruption is born!