Magazine Spread

The Brief: We have to design a layout for magazine article. We have a choice of thre articles: The Crystal Goblet by Beatrice Warde, Gothic Horror by Steven Heller or Read me! Literacy in Graphic Design by Lucienne Roberts. We have to create a four page article which has to include at least one spread. The other two pages can either be a spread or two single pages.

At first I did not want to do the Beatrice Warde article because it annoyed me immensly. She champions modernism and the idea that the type should do nothing but convey the message of the text, to the point where the type goes practically unnoticed. Sadly though, she did not think to extend this Modernist viewpoint through to her actual writing style which is extremely long winded and filled with unecessary frills; exatcly the kind of thing she rallies against in this article. The point of the text is veiled in extended metaphors and drawn out to nearly twice the length of the Roberts article which manages to say much more in a more efficient writing style. To me, this reeks of hypocrasy and the way she compares the Modernist thinker to a fine wine connoisseur and everyone else to essentially a drunk village idiot just makes me MAD. Well, it makes me relatively angry. You can only ever get so worked up about a typography article, we have to keep perspective hear. Chill. Now we may proceed.

The Steven Heller article, while concise and very well written seemed a little dull. But the main reason I did not choose this article is becasue it is about Nazis and my first project was also in that area so I didn’t want to go down that road so soon.

I initially chose to do the Lucienne Roberts one becasue it seemed was the only one left after I wrote off the other ones. Having said that, the article is very interesting and she raises some good points about the conflict between post-Structuralism and Modernism, however I had trouble trying to think of an interesting way to represent this typographically. I think I would have ended up with a very generic article that didn’t really say very much.

In the end I have chosen to do the Beatrice Warde article just so I can make an experimental post-Strucuralist orgy of a layout that flies in the face of everything she champions in her article.

This will be fun!


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