BKA logotype

Here is my final logo. The logo itself is the eagle body with the eye for a head, and the name Bundeskriminalamt over the top of it. The sunburst effect and words at the bottom are not part of the logo. The text at the bottom hopefully says “We are watching you” in German but it may well be wrong because I used a free internet translating site to make the translation. One can only hope.

I tried to create a sense of police state fear by hinting at the style of communist propaganda posters to create a sense of uneasiness about the BKA. The poster and logo also have a 1984 feel about them due to the staring watching eye, similar to the ‘Big Brother is watching you’ posters in the book. This poster is closer in purpose to ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ than to a propganda poster becasue it is not actually trying to get you to do something, it is merely designed to put the fear in you and make you think twice before speaking out against my imagined police state of Germany.

BKA eagle eye sunburst poster small

Here is the logo fresh from Illustrator before any editing in Photoshop. I used the symbol of the eagle to reflect the German theme and the eye to represent surviellence, knowledge and power. This is complemented by the unnattural size of the eye compared with the eagle body which creates a sense of unease and adds an edge of mystery to the organisation. The symbol of the solitary open eye is also linked to the Illuminati conspiracy theory and the many revolving around the Freemasons (you know, the pyramid and eye on the American dollar bill, eye of horus and all that jazz) which makes it appropriate for creating a sense of fear and is appropriate as the BKA are very secretive and do actually communicate (or CONSPIRE!?!) with intelligence networks from other countries.

BKA eyebird2 - final logo

I experimented with the colours of the German flag to make it obvious to people that organisation of shadowy doings and mystery was German rather than American or something but it did not quite work. The combination of red, yellow and black already has very strong asociations with Spain and Spanish speaking Latin America and also the Soviet Union and Peoples Republic of China. Yes, I know a minute ago I was trying to recreate the whole Communist propaganda effect and while the red-yellow-black colour scheme would compliment this it would give the police state vibe I was trying to create too much of a Communist feel. The German police state I have imagined is right wing so overt Communist imagery would not be appropriate . . . okay I know what you are thinking: right wing German police state – it can only be the Nazis. Why didn’t I do a logo fictional logo for the BKA when they where under the command of the SS? Well I didn’t really want to create a logo promoting an actual real organisation that did such terrible things and also I used Nazi imagery in the vote against racism thing in the last project – see below.  SO there where a few reason I didn’t go down the Nazi era BKA route.

I will not put up all my development work on here, it would be too long and tedious a process. This is the end of my project, all there is to do now is stick it all in my sktchbook and annotate it.

Safe bro


3 Responses to “BKA logotype”

  1. well arnt you sarcastic, well love it

    not sure how it reperesents german police at all though?

    but there we go

  2. lucy clarke Says:

    “safe bro”

    classic. you are a comic genius

  3. “WIR SCHAUEN IHNEN ZU” is right 🙂 its a bit of a formal appellation
    for a straighter appellation use “WIR SEHEN DICH”

    regards from germany, AbsYntH

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