Logotype project – German Police

When we were shown some blogs from past students, I saw someones work from the previous year on the Logotype project. They had to design a logo for the German Police. To me the idea of designing a logo for the German Police seemed the epitome of dullness and I hoped that I would get something different. My initial thoughts on the subject of the German Police mostly revolved around the colour grey; steely mechanical accuracy combined with the iron disicpline of law enforcement and the steriotypical cold efficiency of anything German. Greyness personified.
Well on the day of course I blindly picked out the combination which I had hoped against hope not to get: The German Police. After crying inwardly for a while I got to work . . .

I researched the German police on the internet (i.e. Wikipedia) and found out that it has State Police and Federal Police, each one split into different divisions for dealing with different aspects of policing. I have decided to create a logotype for the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) which is part of the Feberal Police and is essetially Germany’s version of the FBI. I thought I could have more fun with this kind of police branch than I could have if I designed a logo for the Schutzpolizei which are Germany’s standard uniformed police officers in the State Police.

I visited the BKA website (translated from the German by Google Translate):


I also downloaded a PDF published by the BKA in 2006 outlining their work (Not 100% sure it is genuine but it probably is).

It seems like they are mostly concerned with co-ordinating the efforts of the various State Police departments with each other and also with police forces from other countries, and thus are involved in international crime, terrorism and the like. This is teh current logo for the BKA:

BKA logo.jpg

This is the logo on the website and it’s publications but I don’t know yet if they have a badge like uniformed police do when patrolling. This logo is very different from most of the police logos that I have come across which nearly all seem to feature a badge, shield or star. Here are some examples of fairly typical local Police Force logos:

Dorset Police Logo sussex police


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