London Trip – Design Museum and along the south bank from Tower Bridge to London Bridge

I liked the shadows cast by this sculpture and the angular feel of it. I also like the way it takes words printed on a page and gives them a 3D element. The word spiral can be clearly seen which relates to the form of the piece, it is almost spiral shaped but not explicitly, instead its spiral shape is kind of suggested by the folds of the card which makes it more interesting than if it where just a spiral of card It also looks a bit like a work of modern architecture similar to Frank Gehry’s work in its crazy angles and unconventional dimensions. Photos below:

Small Spiral paper thing2Small Spiral paper thing

The second piece of work that stood out to me was the cover for the album Doolittle by the Pixies. This design is good because the imagery used is directly linked to the lyrics in various songs from the album, most notably Monkey Gone to Heaven which makes for quite a funny looking image on the cover but one that also has a wierdly sinister feel in some ways. The strange, dark and yet funny mood reflects the album content well.
Maybe I would not like this piece so much if I hadn’t gone through a pixies phase. See below:

Doolittle cover art

This architectural model also caught my eye, mostly because it looks a bit like a dildo. I know it sounds crass but it’s true, it is even ribbed for your pleasure! I’m not sure if this was intentional but I find it hard to see how anyone could not have noticed this aspect of it. It is not much of a surprise, it would be the latest in a long line of phallic buildings and sculptures i.e. the Eiffel Tour, the Washington Monument etc.

Small phallic building

Here is a real life building that impressed me found between Tower Brigde and London Bridge on the South Bank. I like the way that the glass ediface bends round on itself to creating a reflection of itself. This gives the illusion of space which is enhanced by the curve of the glass which makes a kind of infinity curve; you look in and can only see reflection upon reflection of the building and with no angle or corner to focus on your eye just wanders about in its reflections. Very tranquil. If this was made of concrete as in brutalist architecture it would not have nearly the same effect, it would just depress everyone who walked along the river. This would probably look more impressive if more light where on it so you could really get some good reflection but it was in shadow when I took the photo.
A few days later I found out I knew someone who worked in that building, fancy that! They just finished a sociology degree and are starting work as an accountant(!?!) there.

Small building


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