Political Postcard brief: A vote for racism

The aim of my political postcard was to make people aware of the BNP’s racist and brutal ways thereby discouraging people who might want to vote for them as a protest vote against the main parties.

This was the culmination of one idea where I portrayed the BNP as an apple, shiny and green on the outside but rotten with racism (symbolised by the swasticas) on the inside. Although I really like this image no one really understood what the apple was about unless they had looked through my work book and had it explained to them by me. So in the end I went with this idea:

I decided to put some facts about various BNP members convictions to highlight the fact that a lot of party members are violent racists. I think the final piece conveys the message I wanted to very clearly, however it does not have the same level of depth as the apple idea had – this idea only works on one in your face level, while the apple has more meaning. However this idea gets the message across better. I think my weakest point in the project was how my work was presented i.e. no name on the front of the workbook, just stuck onto lined paper, so I will plan so that I have more time to work on presentation for teh next project.


One Response to “Political Postcard brief: A vote for racism”

  1. the apple one shows good skill really like it…

    deffo a fan!

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