Feel Good Drinks YCN brief

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This was for the Feel Good Drinks brief of the YCN Student Awards. I did not actually enter this to the competition because I do not have the rights to the audio. I made it by cutting together two tracks found on Youtube of Buddhist chants, here and here. I tried to contact the owners of the audio tracks to get their permission to use it but they did not get back to me so I decided not to enter to avoid legal problems.


Video to be uploaded soon.


Djinn’s Gin

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Yo here is another work in progress. I am planning to make the djinn look more drunk and holding a g&t in the other hand. Also I am going to make a pattern to go around the whole blue border like it is in the circle behind the djinn. Also trying to come up with a little bit of text to go underneath “drink of the gods”. Enjoy.


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Yo here is a sketch, I have been neglecting this blog for a while now, sorry guys!

Plasticine model

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Here is a plasticine model that I made. He is hunched backed and miserable. This is to highlight the negative effects of BAD POSTURE! Don’t be like this man. Do you know he is only 27? Yes people that is the effect of bad posture. He looks AT LEAST 29. He is green because that was the only colour I had enough of.

Posture Poster

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Here are some initial rough versions of posters for our project to help posture. The first one tells the story of a man (made of plasticine) whos life has been ruined by bad posture. The second comes from the posture correction method of imagining a balloon pulling your head up. Hence the guy being lifted above the clouds but balloons. The third is divided in two, one side showing a hunch back and the other showing a man standing up straight. They are in duotone so that the viewer will associate the colour used more strongly with posture. If we strongly emphasise one colour in all our material then the colour itself will become a trigger for better posture.

Wolves are cool

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when they are not eating your livestock